Dragon City MOD APK V22.5.2 Download (Unlimited Gems/Gold) Updated 2022

If you’re interested in dragons, this game lets you enjoy them in a virtual setting while feeling immersed and complete. The different species of dragons makes the game more fun. Your dragons can run freely and you’ll find yourself being responsible for them right there in Dragon City. There are many other players to try and beat, allows Guilds to form with other dragon lovers and becomes player versus player battle grounds. You can collect treasures, achievements and more from doing multiplayer missions.

Dragon City Game Information

File Name Dragon City Mod APK
Android Requires 4.4 and up
Size 139MB
Type of License Freeware
Last Update 2days ago
System Android
Category Simulation Games
Tag Dragon City
Price Free
Package name CoinMasterModAPK
Installs 50,000,000+
Google Play Link es.socialpoint.DragonCity
Setup File Name dragoncitymod.apk

Dragon city Game Story

With a control-oriented environment, gamers get to take their favorite dragons on an exciting dragon simulation. You can create different areas for each dragon that adheres to their specific needs and preferences. If you don’t want them to fight one another, then you have to divide the land into territories and give each of your hoard exclusive access.

Along with the well-known aspects of the typical RPG, Dragon City also offers other game modes like farming and factory building. The storyline doesn’t just stop at how you fight in the arena; there are many other game modes for hours of fun as well.

With different breeds and habitats, King of Dragons offers a notable adventure in building and managing your mythical creatures. It allows you to train your creatures by feeding them while they level up, breed new “species,” and collect new powers such as elemental ones.

Features Of Dragon City Mod APK

Complete the Dragon Book and become the legend in Dragon City

To reach the first person to complete the Dragon Book, it will be an extremely challenging task no matter who you are. As you look at this goal from a long-term perspective, start by cultivating your Social Point’s Dragon City APK Mod and giving new species habitats to expand your opportunity for successful breeds. Given that there are different and unique dragons hidden in the game world, your Dragon City should be managed and upgraded so that it can provide sufficient food supplies to take care of the needs of newly adopted dragons. Summon these elder dragons into your World if you want a chance on succeeding in reaching this difficult title.

Discover new dragons every week

With a diverse selection of dragons, players can collect and breed new breeds. A rotating selection of Dragon City’s latest dragons are usually available for breeding events such as new evolutions, special habitats, etc.

Customize your dragons with multiple skins

Playing around with your dragon’s design can really bring them to a whole new level. Try changing up the color palette, skin and headwear. Want to make your island even more attractive? Play in special events so you can unlock these awesome skins!

Enjoy the addictive gameplay both online and offline

You can spend your time exploring the wonderful world of Dragon City without ever logging into the gaming service. Explore new locations and complete quests in the offline missions to earn rewards. Challenge opponents in exciting PvP Arenas to find out who is really a master of dragons. Compete against the best and climb high on the leaderboards for great prizes and top-tier fantasy fame.

Learn about all species of dragons at the Tree of Life

Gamers in Dragon City Mod APK can learn about more than just their own dragons that they possess through the Tree of Life. With a variety of parameters, you should choose all kinds of different dragons to test their skills against one another. You must collect them yourself to experience their powers and set them up into your team adjustment.

Power up your dragons with incredible orbs

If your dragon has evolved to their latest form and doesn’t have any more ability to use the Orb, you can give them Orbs that match their natural element. Using this strategy, your dragons will become much stronger in battles.

Join millions of online gamers in many exciting activities

With the opportunity for exciting events and generous gifts, Dragon City offers a virtual world that has people of different backgrounds meeting each other. Gamers can also create or join Alliances with other players, trade orbs so they can collect useful items, and participate in Alliance Gift Events where you could receive fabulous gifts.

Enjoy the cross-platform gameplay

The Dragon City game is a cross-platform mobile game that allows users to play with their favorite dragons on their PCs or laptops. Newer versions of the game also allow for fan participation.

Download Dragon City Mod latest 22.5.2 Android APK

With a vast dragons to discover, exploration turning into epic adventures and millions of online friends on the same page as you, there is no end to the adventure that is Dragon City Mod APK. click on download link below. For More Games & Apps Happy Mod.

Dragon City Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds

Dragon City Mod APK 22.5.2 Download